Luxury Finishing Salts Set

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Our Luxury Finishing Salt set combines four of the most decadent salts available for the serious gourmet. Perfect for finishing meat, seafood, vegetables & pasta with the intoxicating, earthy aroma of black &white truffles to the finest French Fleur de Sel or our fabulous Sel de Provence. One taste and you are certain to know that...Food is Love!

Set Includes:

French Fleur de Sel Sea Salt - Import of Guérande, France - Net Wt 1 oz (28g)

White Truffle Salt – Import of Italy - Net Wt 1.1 oz (31g)

Black Truffle Salt – Import of Italy - Net Wt 1.1 oz (31g)

Sel de Provence –A delicate blend of French Fleur de Sel & savory French herbs  - Net Wt .6 oz (17g)

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