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What is Harissa Powder?

A vibrant and fiery spice blend originating from North Africa, Harissa Powder is a bold combination of chili peppers, garlic, cumin, coriander, and other aromatic spices. It embodies the perfect balance of heat, smokiness, and complexity, creating a taste sensation that will awaken your senses. Its aroma is intense and captivating, with notes of earthiness and warmth.

Suggested Uses:
  • Rub Harissa Powder onto meat, poultry, or seafood for a spicy and flavorful marinade that will elevate your grilling game.
  • Add a kick to your stews, soups, and sauces by incorporating Harissa Powder during cooking for a robust and aromatic base.
  • Mix Harissa Powder with olive oil to create a zesty paste that can be used as a condiment, spread, or dipping sauce for bread, vegetables, or grilled meats.
  • Sprinkle Harissa Powder over roasted vegetables or potatoes to infuse them with a delightful smoky heat.
  • Use Harissa Powder as a seasoning for couscous, rice dishes, or quinoa to add a burst of flavor to your grains.
  • Recipe: Seared Cauliflower with Harissa
Useful Facts:
  • Harissa Powder is a staple in North African cuisine, particularly in Tunisia and Morocco.
  • It is commonly used as a condiment, marinade, or flavor enhancer to spice up a variety of dishes.
  • The combination of chili peppers and spices in Harissa Powder provides a range of health benefits, including potential antioxidant properties.
How to Make Harissa Paste Using Harissa Powder

Mix equal parts Harissa powder, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and hot water to your desired consistency.


Spice Jar and Refill Bag NET WT 1.8 oz (51g)

Spice Lovers Size NET WT 7.2 oz (204g)

Ingredients: Dried Chiles, Sea Salt, Garlic, Cumin, Coriander, Caraway, Sumac, Black Pepper, Vinegar

Customer Reviews

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Casey C

I discovered Harissa during Covid and using Hello Fresh for a substitute for restaurant meals. Went immediately to the super market to buy some.... bad choice.. the meal just didn't taste as wonderful. Went to the Spice and Tea shop online and VOILA! Beautiful, full, rich, aromatic, fresh..... worth every penny. Now what to do w/ the supermarket spice? Guess I'll put in my free table at my next garage sale since I can't in good conscious donate.