Habanero Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Habanero Extra Virgin Olive Oil presents a captivating fusion of Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil, carefully sourced from the lush orchards of California, infused with the fiery essence of habanero peppers. This bold blend adds a thrilling kick to any dish, whether drizzled over pizzas, mixed into marinades for grilled meats, or used to spice up dips and sauces. With its intense flavor and lingering heat, our Habanero Extra Virgin Olive Oil transforms ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary experiences, showcasing the vibrant flavors of California's bountiful orchards.

8.5fl oz (251ml)

Ingredients: Made from natural flavors mixed with 100% California grown and certified extra virgin olive oil.

Storage Conditions - High quality extra virgin olive oil in a sealed bottle may last from 12 months to 2 years. As soon as you open the bottle, the oxidation process accelerates, and the oil will degrade more quickly. Once you have opened your oil make certain to use it within 3 to 6 months. When olive oil is exposed to oxygen, light, and heat, it is subject to oxidation and can become rancid. Proper storage can prevent this. Make sure you keep your oil in a closed dark bottle, in a cabinet away from sources of heat like your stove. Refrigeration is not necessary.