Thai Lemongrass White Balsamic Vinegar

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Thai Lemongrass White Balsamic Vinegar is an exotic blend of imported vinegar from Modena, Italy, expertly infused in California with the vibrant essence of lemongrass. This unique combination offers a tantalizing balance of sweet and tangy flavors, perfect for adding a refreshing twist to salads, marinades, and Asian-inspired dishes. With its bright and zesty profile, our Thai Lemongrass White Balsamic Vinegar brings the flavors of Southeast Asia to your culinary creations, showcasing the best of both Italian tradition and Californian innovation.

8.5fl oz (251mL)

Ingredients: Cooked Grape Must, Wine Vinegar, Concentrated Lemon Extract and Lemongrass Flavors. No artificial flavorings, thickening agents, caramel nor additives added. May contain sulfites.

Storage Conditions - To maximize the shelf life of balsamic vinegar, keep the bottle tightly sealed after opening. Properly stored, balsamic vinegar will generally stay at best quality for about 3 years, but will stay safe indefinitely. Make sure you keep your vinegars in a closed dark bottle, in a cabinet away from sources of heat like your stove. Refrigeration is not necessary.