Honeycomb - 100 Percent Raw and Natural

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Raw honeycomb is a truly unique and special product, made by bees from the nectar of flowers and used as a food source for the colony. It is harvested straight from the beehive and is completely unprocessed, retaining all the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are naturally present in honey. This makes it a healthy, natural, wholesome product. Harvesting raw honeycomb is a delicate process that requires care and attention to detail, and beekeepers must work carefully to extract the honeycomb without damaging the hive or disturbing the bees. This is why raw honeycomb such a premium product, as it is harvested with care and devotion to preserving its natural goodness while protecting and preserving the bees. Raw honeycomb can be used in a variety of ways and its unique texture makes it a delicious spread on toast, a natural sweetener in baking, or a healthy addition to tea or coffee. It can also be used as a stunning visual element on charcuterie boards and cheese platters, adding a touch of sweetness and flavor to your appetizers and snacks. Whether you're using it in your cooking and baking, or simply enjoying it as a spread, raw honeycomb is sure to impress.

Net Wt. 7.4 oz. (209g)

Ingredients: Honeycomb, honey

Warning: Do not feed honey to children under 1 year of age.

Here's how you can use it:

Cut and serve: Simply cut the honeycomb into bite-sized pieces and place them on a charcuterie board. This allows your guests to easily spread the honeycomb on their crackers or cheese.

Pair with cheese: Honeycomb pairs well with a variety of cheeses, including sharp cheddar, tangy goat cheese, and creamy brie. Place cheese wedges or cubes on the board and arrange the honeycomb pieces nearby, allowing guests to enjoy the complementary flavors of the cheese and honeycomb.

Use as a garnish: You can also use honeycomb as a garnish for other items on the board, such as meats, fruits, or nuts. Simply place small pieces of honeycomb on top of these items to add a touch of sweetness and flavor.

Serve on the side: You can also serve the raw honeycomb on its own, with a small knife or spreader for your guests to use. This allows them to fully appreciate the unique texture and flavor of the honeycomb. 

Pair with fruit: Excellent served with melons wrapper in prosciutto or on apple slices with walnuts.