Mediterranean Sea Salt

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Choose your size: Refill Bag for Spice Jar - COARSE Grain

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Our Mediterranean Sea Salt is an all-natural, unrefined salt that will elevate any dish with its pure and unique flavor. Harvested from the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea, this salt has a  coarse texture that makes it perfect for seasoning and marinating meats, adding a finishing touch to your salads or roasted vegetables, or sprinkling on top of freshly baked bread. Treat your taste buds to the richness of the Mediterranean with our premium sea salt.

Refill Bag - COARSE Grain - NET WT 3.2 oz. (91g)

Spice Lovers Size - COARSE Grain - NET WT 12.8 oz. (362g)

Refill Bag - FINE Grain - NET WT  4.3oz. (122g)

Spice Lovers Size - FINE Grain - NET WT 17.2oz. (487g)


Ingredients: Natural Sea Salt