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What is Pizza Seasoning?

Our Pizza Seasoning is a flavor-packed blend inspired by the traditional flavors of Italy. It captures the essence of a classic pizza in a convenient blend. The aroma is a tantalizing mix of aromatic herbs and spices, evoking images of sizzling pizzas straight out of the oven.

Suggested Uses:
  • Sprinkle Pizza Seasoning generously on homemade or store-bought pizza for an authentic Italian flavor.
  • Enhance the taste of pasta dishes, lasagna, or baked ziti by adding a sprinkle of Pizza Seasoning to the sauce.
  • Create a delicious garlic bread by mixing Pizza Seasoning with melted butter and spreading it on toasted bread.
  • Add a savory twist to roasted vegetables or potatoes by tossing them with Pizza Seasoning before baking.
  • Use it as a seasoning for marinades, dressings, or dips to infuse your favorite dishes with a burst of pizza-inspired taste.
Useful Facts:
  • Our Pizza Seasoning brings the classic flavors of pizza to any dish, adding a delicious Italian touch.
  • The blend includes a harmonious combination of aromatic herbs, such as oregano, basil, thyme and garlic, to enhance the taste of your meals.
  • With our Pizza Seasoning, you can easily add the savory essence of pizza to a variety of dishes, expanding your culinary repertoire.


Spice Jar and Refill Bag NET WT 1.6 oz. (45g)

Spice Lovers Size NET WT 6.4 oz. (181g)

Ingredients: Garlic, Chile Peppers, Tomato Powder, Onion, Sea Salt, Basil, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, Black Pepper

Customer Reviews

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Harry K.
Simple but delicious

I love this blend. I not only use it when I'm eating pizza but I actually add it to my spaghetti sauce!